Suryakala’s Transformation from version 1.Oto 2.O


I like to meet people who have an idea, or have started their own
business and are making it work. I am Dev, India Times press reporter hereby introducing Mrs. Suryakala as she is such a positive person that no one wants to miss to her biography. I subscribe to her magazine and it’s such a pleasure, as there’s no gossip or negativity, it’s all just inspiring content which celebrates good people.

In 2023, for the first time when i read her blogs , I was really fascinated by her style of writing blogs and her works . I thought to have a discussion with her about her experience in life as well as in her works. I got a chance to interview her for few minutes that is what i am going to explaining here.

She was born and brought up in Kerala. Her 1.O version was like this. She completed her PG in Environmental science with GIS in the year 2007and was a university Third rank holder. She dreamt to build a career in her field and to complete her Ph.D. in Environmental science. But after marriage in the year, 2008 her career way was changed. She was totally changed to another mindset to build up her career in marketing and business. She along with her husband started a new venture named “Hitech Power Solutions” in the year 2011. Throughout their journey, there were many hurdles. But somehow they came across to some extent. But reaching to that level that she dreamed of was very far. In her mind, there was a search for something that she wants to be. And she knows that she still hasn’t found out her exact path and destination. During the covid lockdown time, everything comes against their business. No business for 5 months. That provoked her mind to search the path seriously and at last, she found her path. It’s career in Digital marketing. She searched on for a good mentor and guidance so that she will be successful in this venture so soon. Every day she prayed to God to show her the correct path and a good mentor to achieve her success. She wants to be a better version of herself.

Last but not least she came to know about Digital Deepak Sir and his Internship program. She was so impressed to join the Internship Programme which is going to change her life completely. It is going to be the turning point in her life. And she Joined the Batch 7 internship program. Thats the starting of a new era in her Digital Marketing Career.

Afterwards she felt to upgrade more in this field. Then she decided to join in Simplilearn’s Master course: Digital Marketing specialist , Henry Harvin’s Content writing course and Zuan education’s Web Developer course. And she successfully completed all the courses and reached the next level.

The new 2.O version of Suryakala is an entirely fascinating and admirable one. Now, she has achieved many things in life like freedom to live, freedom to travel with her family and kids, happiness, paying off all her bank loans

She came to be a successful Digital Marketing Specialist running her own digital marketing agency with lots of corporate clients. And she has her own Digital marketing institute guiding the students in the correct path as years before Digital Deepak Sir did and giving 100% placement support to her students. And in Affiliate marketing, she is one of the topmost affiliates earning 1 crore monthly. And helping and teaching especially homemakers, Retired people, and students on how to generate money online. Now she has 10 lakh followers, on social media those who are mentored by her.

Now she is the boss, she is the mentor and she is the superhuman for all of her followers. Her husband’s business also well grown because of her support that she gave in the marketing side. All happens because of the proper mentorship of Digital Deepak sir at the correct time.

What could be more. Now she is working towards her 3.O , 4.O the version goes like this

I am really thankful to her for this interview in her busy schedule.I am concluding this article about Mrs. Suryakala that in this competitive world to be a successful digital marketing specialist is not an easy one. We have solid evidence in front of us that’s one and only Suryakala “ The Business magnet”.

Disclaimer: I wrote this article just as a part of assignment purpose in Henry Harvin. Its Just Fictional



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